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Yana's Sisig

Servings size: Feast!


Pig’s head, halved (approx 8-10lbs)

Thai chilies (20-25 pcs)

Chicken liver (1 lb)

Garlic (3 heads, peeled, crushed and finely chopped)

Garlic (1 head)

Onion (3 bulbs, diced)

Scallions (finely chopped, save the bottoms for the broth)

Ginger (1 knob, peeled and julienned)

Lemongrass (1 stalk, crushed and bound in a knot)

Soy sauce (2 cups)

Manila Gold calamansi (1 -½ cups)

Kewpie or mayo (as desired)

Eggs (6 eggs)

Oil (canola or coconut)


Boil pig’s head with 1 head of garlic, ginger knob, scallion bottoms and lemongrass. Make sure the water covers the entire head. Boil for an hour, simmer for 2.

Take pig's head our of broth, skim the broth for scum and save for later.

While pig's head is boiling, cut the peppers, garlic and onions.

Puree chicken liver, set aside in fridge.

Pre-heat oven to 475F

After boiling, cut the pig’s head or peel off the flesh: e.g. cheeks, snout, ears, brain Lay out in sheet pan to broil in oven until crispy. Let rest and cut into smaller pieces.

Heat oil in wok on high.

Add garlic, onion, let sweat/brown. Lower to medium high.

Add the crispy pork, add the Thai chillies, toss.

Add soy and Manila Gold calamansi.

Add chicken liver. Mix until cooked.

Crack the eggs, mix until cooked.

Serve with a dollop of mayo and sprinkle of scallions.

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